Africa Best Ultimate Herbal Oil has a light fragrance. It’s very similar to baby powder but not overpowering. It’ great for natural hair care of various textures.

for strong hair and healthy scalp Helps eliminate dryness & hair breakage Invigorating herbal formula.

Africa best Professional strength products designed for use in the home and salon. Invigorating herbal formula for strong hair and healthy scalp with ginseng. Contains a blend of high sheen African oilsAn excellent conditioner, moisturizer and enhancer .Enriched with African herbs and vitamins Helps eliminate dryness and hair breakage Deep penetrating formula Excellent for all hair styles

Made in USA

Part hair and apply Maximum Strength Super Gro to scalp and hair.  Gently massage into hair.  Comb or brush into desired style.  Excellent for all styles.©2002 HC Industries, Inc.

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