Najel Honing 100g

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Pure vegetable Aleppo soap with honey and bay leaf.
Of an exceptionally high quality, carefully developed according to a traditional recipe.
Honey has a soothing and anti-bacterial effect on the skin.
Olive oil has a moisture regulating effect and provides intensive care for the skin during and after cleansing.

Particularly suitable for impure skin. [ingredients] 70% olive oil, 12% laurel oil *, 7% honey, sodium carbonate (soda), water. * Laurel oil: oil that is pressed from the berries of the laurel tree.

Experience the power of 4,000 years of tradition and wisdom with the use of our pure and vegetable Aleppo soap, every day again, prepared according to a traditional recipe with olive oil and bay leaf oil. Aleppo soap is super economical to use and suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones. You can shave with it, wash both your body and face, and even brush your teeth.

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